What Is My Purpose?

To be completely honest, I am really unsure what my purpose is. It may be a cross between a great humanitarian and smaller boobed, natural haired Wendy Williams; I am really unsure! My inability to make decisions has always stifled me. Stuck in between a rock and a soft spot, I am constantly choosing between the things I love and the things I feel obliged to do or be apart of. For example, I really want to support black owned clothing lines but I’m BROKE, so I end up in the clearance section of J.Crew! This may have to do with my inability to balance my checkbook (if people still do that), however, I think my college, shopaholic induced money troubles are for another post. Nevertheless, I am hoping to create a space where I can begin to unveil, confront and simultaneously appreciate my inner thoughts, troubles and conversations (yes, i talk to myself… aloud sometimes).

With this blog I am hoping to discover a new piece myself — a piece of my purpose.

Can we silently laugh out loud in celebration of my blogging future!

Mad Love,