Coming Soon: When You Swipe Left by Accident!

Sometimes Tinder fails me. I open the app with hopes of setting my eyes on the nearby honeys, but end up swiping left for five minutes. I start swiping faster because the heart moves fast and next thing you know I am swiping left on the flyest thing I’ve seen in 10 minutes!

Its similar to the time when you briefly fall in love in public. When you lock eyes with someone on the train

COMING SOON: FRIDAY, December 18th

“That’s My Man!”: The Problem(s) with Monogamy

sweater meemToo often we see women fighting other women due to the wrong doings and dishonesty of men. Why are we fighting each other? She did not physically take your man! He used his feet to find his way and look where he ended up.

As humans the idea of monogamy is all too appealing. We enjoy the idea of owning something… of having it all to our selves. Many of us build our lives around these masculinity stoking ideals when monogamy is only beneficial for the man.


Well, let me tell you…

Monogamy is not [really] a Christian thing. It’s a “lets help than man have a wife thing” created before Christianity existed. During the ancient times of the  Romans and the Greek, there were laws against polygamy because higher class men were over indulging and not leaving any ladies for the little guy(s). Basically, Monogamy means sharing is carrying.

Being that there are more women than men in the world, polygamy seems more fitting. It is still widely accepted in non-Western countries, most commonly as men having multiple wives. Nevertheless, there are cultures where polyandry is more common, allowing women have multiple husbands, simultaneously rejecting the ideas of hoeism.

“Ladies are pimps too! Go and brush your shoulders off!” to quote Jay Z.

Relationship dynamics differ, but loyalty continues to be one of the most important aspects of relationships. However, due the to lack of men in contrast to the high demand, men are more likely to step out on their relationships building additional relationships that are also being viewed as monogamous by the other partner. At least polygamy allows for transparency and thus protection.

I am not saying that all men cheat or step out out on their relationships. But what I am saying is that the world is your oyster, girl! There are so many pearls… you may even discover that your favorite pearl isn’t even a man. Do not let the rules and double standard of the Western, pseudo Christian world run your relationship. You are in control so drive boo! Drive!

*Disclaimer: I am not a polygamist.