The Dream Analyst

An Artistic Approach to Branding + Building

Branding doesn’t have to be binary! Here’s to doing away with “looking professional” and instead developing a vision that looks just like your DREAM!

Do you have a dream, but can’t seem to get all of your thoughts to come together? Ready to launch a product, but missing your signature design? Thinking about starting a clothing brand, but still in need of a logo? Allow me to assist in the unpacking of your vision whether that be artistic, entrepreneurial or both! Get a free consultation today!


“Art is the only skill that allows me to apply my full self because the canvas of life spares no paint, painter, nor brush.”

I never quite know just what to say about my self because my evolution is continuous; I guess that’s the art of life. But in the midst of life and its triumphs, I have always been sure that I am an artist.

So I guess that’s who I am; Na’taja the Artist.

My ability to turn anything and everything into art has never failed me.  When I say this, I don’t mean that I go around collecting pigeon feathers and recreate Picassos. Rather, I can apply an artistic lense to almost any task.

If you wish to see for yourself, tell me your dream and I’ll show you art right there!

Want to know more about the artist? Check out her blog About the Artist.

“…a compilation hustle, hospitality, and Harlem.”


As an artist, each creation is unique and designed with the customer’s vision in mind. As a consultant, I can provide insight and assistance in bringing your dreams to fruition.

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Nataja truly captures my vision in addition to placing her own creative stamp. Her turnaround time is speedy, and if not she communicates the delay. She’s great.

– Ivy&CO., Services: Logo Design, Album Cover

Nataja did a great job with sending over drafts and being receptive to feedback and took customization to an unreal level. The product reflected the person whom the logo was gift for perfectly. Nataja took her time to read through this persons work before working and captured their spirit beautifully
 – Kara K. 
Nataja is exactly who she says she is, The Dream Analyst!!! If you can envision it, she can bring it to life!! I’ve been running in circles looking for a graphic designer who ‘got it’…Once I saw Nataja’s work, I knew I’d found who I’d waited for. THANK GOD!!
– Ebonie Simone, Almasi Noir