Coming Soon: When You Swipe Left by Accident!

Sometimes Tinder fails me. I open the app with hopes of setting my eyes on the nearby honeys, but end up swiping left for five minutes. I start swiping faster because the heart moves fast and next thing you know I am swiping left on the flyest thing I’ve seen in 10 minutes!

Its similar to the time when you briefly fall in love in public. When you lock eyes with someone on the train

COMING SOON: FRIDAY, December 18th

Solange’s Album Made Me Homesick!

img_0309-1When I first heard Solange’s new masterpiece of an album, I was at work. I was watching the subtle Greek breeze rustling through the short trees. I was all alone and I felt it.

I travel often and I don’t usually get homesick. I like to think that I am so adaptable in the ways I can make any space home. But in between whispers about cranes and magic and Master P’s words of black wisdom, I found my mind somewhere in Harlem surrounded by black people.

I heard loud robust laughter in the distance accompanied by some trap music. I smelled oxtails and coconut oil. And then there was me standing in the intersection waiting for the light to change, smiling. It was weird. All of it…

Solange made me miss being surrounded by blackness. Yes, Greece is an amazing place with welcoming people, but there’s no home like black mother’s hug.

I’m sure the feeling will pass, but I am hoping it won’t. I never want to lose the craving for my people.

“MaMa, I Made It…” To Greece!

rihanna what confused idk shade

Let me be honest, getting to Greece was a bit of a pain. First, American Airlines tried to charge me $200 for my fly, four-wheel-drive luggage. I was like….

Then, my flight from Philly to Greece was a nightmare. This was the first time I have thought that baby muzzles may be a good idea after all. I was walking through the plane like…

sad no baby crying the help

But when I arrived, I was greeted by the warmth of Greece. Hahaha!!! I’m not talking about that metaphoric warmth of home, but like sweat dripping down the back of my white long sleeved Gap shirt. Had me like…

hot summer heat heatwave powerpuff girls

Nevertheless, I love this place! The food is great, the bars are festive and the people smile and stare and laughed at my poorly articulated Greek, but somehow still make me feel welcomed!

Look out for my weekly post about my journey in Greek and travels. Talk to you soon!

Mad Love,


Post Grad Life: Week ???

So life has been hectic… well maybe I am just getting lazy.


Drama has definitely made its way into my life but I am so focused on sustaining my personal happiness that nothing really matters.

They said that your 20’s are supposed to be the selfish years, right?

I am not super psyched about getting up for work everyday. Some days I feel like life is timer and I am just waiting until 5 o’clock! Don’t get me wrong, I like the work that I am doing this summer and the people I work with. It’s just that I am still grappling with the idea of doing the same thing every day.

Do adults not get bored? When does the switch up happen?

There’s no element of surprise when every day is the same… Well besides the idea of finding money on my way the subway or meeting a cutie at the Chipotle by work.

I would like to underscore how much fun I am having! Despite the routine, everyday has been an opportunity to be extra fly, extra fit and extra fabulous. I am treating my body better and taking it day by day. I am buying my self nice tingz and moisturizing.

I am going to Harlem Happy Hours, but realizing that every hour is an hour to be happy. *Clinks glass!

I am so focused, man! And I am off to Greece in less that 50 days. What more can I ask for?

*I mean there’s more to ask for but I can’t have all of my blessings at once! Spread em’ out!