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The hood ain’t 4 sale …

… is low key a mantra that plays in my head every time I walk past a new building or coffee shop with an artistic renditions of Biggie or Basquiat on the wall. The simple fact that I can’t seem to face is that Harlem as we knew it or know it is changing and GENTRIFICATION seems unstoppable.

Of course gentrification has it perks, of which I will not list because I’m not here for it and I’m sure there are folks who’ve created long list to counter act their gentrifying guilt. Nonetheless, gentrification is taking us by storm and we need to remind gentrifiers that our people spent too much time building our communities and cultural enclaves for them to be bombarded with bars and strangers who are unfamiliar with our history and contemporary issues.

More to come on Thursday, July 11th!

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