10 Reasons I Am MAD!

  1. Donald Trump may have more supporters than the #blacklivesmatter movement.PRESIDENT MEMES
  2. People are still defending Bill Cosby and in turn, disregarding and discrediting women’s rape, while simultaneously saying “WOMEN should know better and do better.” Bruh?
  3. There are very few WOMEN of color in magazine editorials, like we aren’t BEAUTIFUL AF.Black woman meme
  4. My school put me on their webpage, but I still owe a balance.
  5. People continue to think that Posse Foundation Leadership Scholarship is for minorities.

    Wheaton Posse 13. Circa 2012
  6. People keep referring to me and other WOMEN of color as minorities when there are more WOMEN than men and more People of Color than white folks; We are the MAJORITY! Bye, Felicia & Friends.

    Map of White People
  7. There are too many golf clubs and residential complexes that end with the word “Plantation”. Emancipation Proclamation, who?
  8. Too many Black Men dont want Black WOMEN. Bruh?
  9. Colourism in the Black & Latin/Hispanic Community got me like …annoyed facepalm
  10. Islamophobia, Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, Classism & Patriarchy [and other crap] is decreasing my number of friends on Facebook. I thought friends were forever… WELP!

And #11, just because I am extra tight —

#11: People keep asking me why I am single — I don’t freaking know! Maybe I am over qualified.

I am not an Angry Black WOMAN. I am just a Black Woman who happens to be MAD!


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