Material Things Do Not Impress Us; Come Harder Boys!

If you haven’t noticed,  finding a man is no longer essential to many women! Many of us are focusing on furthering our careers, changing the world, and becoming better role models .

To be perfectly honest, we are out here killing the game and don’t have time to waste!

When it comes to the question of what’s being brought to table in relationships, most women are bringing the actual table…why else would my purse be so big!  So the question becomes, what are you [men] bringing to the table that is as substantial? Or what are you striving to bring to the table?

I’ve been told that being a strong, outspoken, black women can be intimidating. But like the amazing Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said, “I have no interest in a man who is intimidated by me.” (TedX)queen funny

I’m young! I’m in my prime! I’m just looking for someone to enjoy primetime with me, accompanied by an occasional glass of wine and foot massage. But I am also searching for a person that appreciates my grind and the time I have to devote to it!

I am not saying that women have it all together! No one has it all figured out. I just do not want the egotistical, masculinity complex that comes with men.

We love you and all of your bearded, dreadlocked, curly haired, bald headed grace. You are probably bae, but we want more! That’s not to say that we don’t want you. We do!

We have come to the realization that we do not need men to support us financially, but maybe emotionally or mentally.

 What moves are you trying to make and how can I help you?

Come Harder… We’ll Notice.

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